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It is often over-looked and taken for granted. A thing that many people forget while following trends and getting lost on another band-wagon they’ve jumped on. In today’s day and age, your average audience is a lot smarter now than it was 5 or 10 years ago. As consumers ourselves, I think we can all agree that we are tired of brands and individuals trying to push sales through us with such force than the original message of their content is lost. Sometimes, when pushing for sales and keeping up with the trends, you can lose your own voice and your own brand. You can lose your authenticity.

Why is this such a big deal?

Authenticity is now more important than ever. As I’ve said, we – as consumers – are tired of brands assuring us of an amazing product, said product then being endorsed by famous individuals, only to turn out that it is half as good as their claims are (if that). This is why people are now turning to independent bloggers, Youtubers and reviews online from genuine customers to make their mind up about their product. People see through the lies of adverts now, they are allergic to bull-crap and they crave authentic reviews, real opinions and actual advantages and disadvantages about a product. This isn’t applicable just for products but for many services and other industries as well. Whatever you are offering to your potential clients, you need to make sure that you, yourself, believe in what you are offering and you are confident that it will deliver what you claim it would.

As competition grows, and different trends become popular – this is social media trends, your industry trends, technology advances etc -many freelancers tend to forget their own voice. They copy other brands’ content, ideas and marketing techniques without really considering how it will work for their own business. They desperately try to become relevant so that their presence grows and the consumer can relate to their mission – but they forget that the most relatable thing is authenticity. There will be others who share your mission, your opinions and your beliefs within your business or industry, you just need to find these people. Now, it isn’t easy but also it isn’t impossible. Time and time again, we see how following popular trends and just ‘being there’ (at certain events, social media happenings etc) isn’t enough and can actually damage a business’ reputation.

By staying authentic, you are ensuring that there will be no one else there like you or at least there is something about you that will stand out. In the world where nothing original can be created ever again (the theory that we have actually invented everything and simply are recycling ideas – is a post-modern concept which I very much sympathise with), being authentic and being true to what we like and what we believe in, is the only firm USP we can stick to as start up businesses.

Make sure that you are transparent with the people who are ‘watching’ you every day and when you are getting out there to introduce a new service. If you have not got an answer to a question, do not fob them of with another fluffed up bunch of words but tell them, honestly, that you are still working on it – that you are yet to find out… Being transparent will build trust with your clients. You do not know how much you will need to charge them for a service? Instead of blindly throwing out a number, advise them that you will tailor a special quote for them. This is applicable for working with brands, clients, viewers etc. If you are in charge of something that is making you money, you will find this useful if applied.

There are so many people starting up businesses at the moment and not many of them are that different from each other, depending on the industry. But which one is the best? As a consumer, you probably determine that but seeing if all of their facts add up, if the website is working, if they are sticking to their motto’s and missions if they have those stated. This is what your clients/readers/audiences will also look at and how they will judge you. Make sure that you only make available what you can actually deliver because if you do not, and your authenticity is challenged – it can be a very hard mountain to climb back on top of.

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