Stop Using 'Self-Care' as An Excuse

Okay, I feel like I'm going to piss a few people off but oh, well. Also, this turns a bit serious and political towards the end so if you're not in the mood, read something else.

I see it everywhere. I used to do it as well. I've decided to stop because it actually made completely unproductive. I started using the idea of 'selfcare' as an excuse to just stop moving forward. Something inconvenient happened and I would write the day off and just focus on myself. Meanwhile, my business was at a stand-still. I wasn't losing money, but I wasn't making any either. I turned my back on it and decided, no - this is just my time, fuck everything.

With that mental attitude, I spent most of 2020 having lay ins, takeaways, basking in the sun, drinking & going on bike rides. Of course, I had a great summer and great time but I lost a whole year of just not doing anything productive. There's nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself. But do it within reason. Don't just dive all in like I did and hurt your business, your professional life.

Of course, if you're feeling down, slap a facemask on and just chill in the bath if you want to. But don't make it a habit. Or rather, don't make it a toxic habit.

Trust me, self-care feels a lot better when it's earned by doing something creative or productive with your day. I'm not just writing it for all the ladies who are reading this but also for myself, so I can come back to this blog post when I forget my own advice.

Instead of encouraging each other to do nothing but have nice skin, why not encourage each other to get productive, to create, to invent... It's about women stopped focusing on our outside and more on the brains. We have a tarnished opinion in the professional world because of the narrative that has followed us, but never changed, since we've been in the workforce (as women, collectively).

Let's take back control over the narrative, stop portraying this image of women only wanting to sit in baths with expensive skin care products on, and then get offended when we get accused we don't 'work hard for our money'. Show them you work hard, that you are a strong, independent woman. I'm not saying burn your bras and make up but I am saying we should talk more about other women's successes, about their businesses, about their professional triumphs and not only root for them when they have babies, get married or use a certain brand of face cream.

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