How to Stay Productive During a Pandemic

It can be awful at times. We all know that feeling where no matter what you try, the inspiration and motivation isn't there. You decide to 'treat yourself' and 'practice some self-care' but you know these are just excuses to eat a tin of biscuits and ignore that huge pile of work (virtual or physical) that's waiting to get done.

I find myself like this at least once a month, and some months - once a week! So how do I get myself out of the emotinal and motivational hole? I do have some tips that I've been practicing for years. These habits are now something I sometimes do subconsciously, when I don't even recognise that I am feeling a bit burnt out. It is now how I cope with burnout, full stop.

Please, do bear in mind, these are just what works for me but if you give any of those a go, let me know!

  1. Take a break. I think this one is a no-brainer. Take yourself outside of whatever you're dealing with. Whether that's literally leaving the room or going for a walk, or if it is just turning off your laptop - leave it and don't come back to it for a while. Make yourself a coffee (or a tea, if you're one of those) and just do something nice. Eat some chocolate.

  2. Dress up and make up to the nines. It's hard to get motivated in your pj's or dressing gown. Take a shower, do your make up if that's your thing and put on some expensive / pretty clothes that make you feel like a BOSS. It's all about visualisation and some of it...well, it pretty much is: fake it 'til you make it. Dress how a successful woman would dress, even if you don't feel like one at the moment (but, girl, you are!).

  3. Listen to motivational speech or business talk. There are so many resources out there but even if you just type in 'motivational speech' and scroll through the cheesy ones with the horrendous music, you will find some amazing speakers and their speeches are goosebumps-worthy! I put one on while I'm getting ready sometimes, putting on make up or getting dressed. It gets me hyped every time, and I cannot wait to start working on the business.

  4. Talk to someone else in business or someone who supports you. Reach out to fellow business owners or someone within your network that you can have a chat with. You don't need to even talk about what you're feeling if that makes you uncomfortable. Get them to chat about their businesses. What I find most inspiring and motivating is seeing others succeed and seeing amazing business results. If you're a social media manager, look at the stats or even previous monthly reports to remind yourself what you're good at and how far you've led your clients thus far. Works for me, every time!

Let me know if you tried any of these, and let me know what works for you, message me anytime on Instagram @maglepkowska

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