How to Start a Business in 2021?

I'm seeing a lot more people trying out different things in the middle of this pandemic, business-wise, and I am loving it! Although, I also see a lot of people going about it the hard way, rather than research a bit more and make starting a business a little bit easier. There is so much information online on how to start a business but I don't think a lot of it is that relevant in 2021. As far as setting up a business legally not much has changed however when it comes to actually find yourself customers and create a trusted business - a lot of information out there is somewhat outdated. And hard to find if you don't know where to look.

This is why I've put together this short list of the first key things you want to do before launching your business.

Let's be honest, these days, when launching a business, social media platforms are your best friend. Depending on what you're offering, you'll need to decide which social media platforms will be best to use for your business. I will later add in a blog about which social media platforms are suggested to use for which industry.

  1. Domain & Social Media Handles Very first thing you want to do is register your business name, a domain and claim social media handles. Check before deciding on the name of your business if the name isn't already taken by someone else. You want to make sure your brand is quite self-descriptive and the name is easy to spell, it doesn't have too many uneccessary dashes, underscores or numbers. Your handle does not need to be the exact name of your business. You can put that in later, in the 'name' section. Your social media handles just need to include the key word out of your business name and/or something related to your field / niche.

  2. Design Your Brand & Logo A strong brand will stand out and be memorable to your audiences. Spend some time working out the best branding colours and elements to represent your business. Have a look on competitors accounts, which brands were you more inspired by /attracted to and why? This is very important. Avoid putting up random photos because they look good or follow a certain aesthetic - and design your own unique brand. Something that when people see your posts or logo, they will know it is you. People buy into people. In such a saturated market, with everyone flooding social media with their new and existing businesses, people do not trust the odd ad here and there as much as they do connecting with a real person or a respected, reputable brand as recommended by their friends / other followers / influencers.

  3. Find a sample audience to send your first products to / offer your services to in exchange for reviews. Following on from the last point, build a reputable brand straight away by creating a sample audience which you can send your first products to or offer your services to in exchange for reviews. Essentially, your first customers. It is worth offering a discount or gifting them a product if they agree to leave you a review on any of the channels you'd like. Of course, you want the reviews to be positive so treat these as your real customers. Make sure your products are presented in the best way possible, and your services are performed professionally. Give them the experience you want your customers to have, even if it's your own sister or mum (only if THEY fit into your target audience, no point in having reviews from people who are unlikely to buy!!)

  4. Content Design / Content Production Audience research, again. I bet you're sick of hearing it. But make sure you research what type of content your viewers respond to, and on which platforms to effectively design, direct and produce your content. Whether you're using stock images/posts/videos (although, I have a whole list of reasons why you shouldn't, which I will post soon!), or using original photography/ posts/ videos, you need to make sure that whatever you are posting, your audience will like and interact with, find valuable and they will follow you or check out your website afterwards. You want to have at least a month's worth of content in advance before you even start posting anything. This way you can build on this weekly and never run out of content!

  5. Start POSTING before SELLING This one is super important. Before you even launch your product, you should be posting already. You should be building a brand image, your following and reputation on social media. Before your launch, your audience should be excited, and wait in anticipation for your launch, for your products. CREATE a VIBE - is the best, simplest way to explain it. Once you build up 100 - 200 genuine engaged followers, launch then (earliest!!).

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