Sometimes You are Wrong

I love being around like-minded people, around creative people – around people I can make beautiful things with and share it with them freely. I love travelling to different cities and my favourite days are when I have meetings scattered around Hampshire and London. I breathe easier when I am not stuck in four walls, I create better fuelled by human energy.

I thought a creative job would be the one. One I could do long enough before I can take up freelancing full-time. I am in no position to do that straight away – and I don’t think many graduates are.

I was wrong. That’s okay, I am not disappointed or sad about it -it was a new route to try, a different setting – I wouldn’t know if it’s for me or not until I tried it. Now I know it isn’t.

I'm not a materialistic person. I do not understand the point of spending money on things – therefore, I do not really care for how much money I am making as long as I can keep on top of my rent, and have some kind of a life outside of work like days out with friends or the occasional dinner. Otherwise, my money is spent on equipment and marketing – for freelance work. And any left over money, I spend that on experiences rather than things. Either with friends, or a lone trip somewhere – and oh I do love those!

However, it is the lack of management and organisation, lack of actual team work and any sense of leadership. I am working with people who have been with the company for years and years, and they haven’t moved on from their old ways. Everything is…archaic here. Printing information instead of shareable links. Files upon files in drawers instead of on the computers. No understanding of social media and how it will help the business by the team – therefore no understanding of my own job... It makes thinks tricky and even simple tasks are sometimes a bloody problem! Good management is key.

I am constantly at the office. I am in charge of the social media accounts. You know, the same social media accounts that allow you to publish behind the scenes from events, news about the company, about the products and exciting collaborations – but am I in front of the computer screen and not where I need to be to document all the great things this company is doing. There is no other team members either, just me. 6 social media accounts to manage in both, B2C and B2B, categories. And let me tell you, thinking in those two mind-sets at once, sometimes can be quite challenging.

But that’s not the issue. I like a challenge. And I can usually tackle them. However, since I am not getting inspired by four walls and computer screens, I’m starting to struggle in this place. Not with the work load, or creating the campaigns – it’s just that creativity runs low and good ideas become more and more rare to come by. I am a perfectionist, so you can imagine how unsatisfied I am when I need to settle for less content that I know will not perform as well.

All this moaning is all good, of course but the real question is: what am I doing about it?

Simple. A new job. Currently in full grind of job searching in any given moment but this time at least, I know what I want. I know what kind of job I would like, and how much time I can dedicate to it. I am done overworking and burning out so I do not have the energy for my own goals. Until you can work for yourself, find a job that suits your desired lifestyle and is as close to your goal as possible. Yes, you are working for The Man but that doesn’t mean The Man (figuratively, your boss, company, manager) has to control all of you. Don’t let anyone burn out your energy or your creativity unless it is truly what you want to do and you deem it worth it for yourself. I used to make this stupid mistake of worrying about the company and getting very self-invested in its dynamics. Don’t do that. Focus on what you want because if not this company, it’ll be the next one – and it may be exactly what you’re looking for.

People often get scared of job searching after being at one place for a while. Because it’s comfortable, because they do not want to lose the friends they made. If you are one of these people, you need to detach. You need to think for yourself and truly ask yourself if you are happy where you are. If you’re not, just change it. It’s not as scary as you think and there are so many businesses and so many job openings, you are bound to find something in your field.

There is no such thing as ‘no job for me’. It’s just a way of looking at what’s available and making it work best for you and your life. That is what really ever matters.

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