Is Technology Ruining Us?

For those born prior to 1998, we have been around through most of technology advances, watch the companies grow and technology itself develop, introduction of touch-screen phone, of small laptops, notebooks, not to mention household goodies such as self-driven hoovers and voice-automated appliances. We lived through it all and continue to watch the world develop.

Now, I look at the kids these days living their lives, born after year 2000… They are obsessed with their online shopping – every single gadget, beauty product, clothing item, shoes – you name it -you can get it online.

Instead of buying Barbie dolls and plastic trains or even LEGO, new mums are giving their children iPhones, iPads to play with, a choice of 100 channels on TV.

Everything -and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G is online-based or at least dominated by latest technology. In personal life as well as in business.

Since the kids in the 90’s were eased into the idea of technology and everything being available NOW and HERE, I see a major difference between us and those born a bit later - the 90s kids don’t care for it as much. We do indeed use the internet, adapted to social media, recognised the comfort of shopping online – yet many of us are still opting out for a shopping trip to the nearest shopping centre and going to cinema for a film instead of sticking on Netflix in your at-home-cinema.

I selfishly believe that it is because we know that, no matter how practical and easy technology made everything for us – we know that getting an item physically at the shop is not only wiser (but I’ll talk about that in a minute) but also gives you more satisfaction.

You see, unlike the generation after us, we are not so much driven by instant gratification. We were taught patience – if not by our parents, then by the technology itself that was available then. We didn’t have the fastest internet (far from) or contactless credit cards. We did more things ‘manually’ and do you know? It was a better time... This is sentiment, nostalgia talking – undoubtedly.

The argument is however, are our lives B E T T E R and E A S I E R now?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you can have more control over what’s happening in your life from one device rather than carry around very heavy bags full of ‘stuff’ which you needed to full fill those tasks.

At the same time, the fact of having everything at our finger tips is slowly leaving us in ruins.

By that I mean, psychologically – it is destroying us. There are so many more people affected by anxiety – do you know where anxiety comes from? Apart from many other symptoms, one of big triggers is exposure to pro-longed stress and stressful life events.

We really are living that robot-like futuristic reality that we laughed about on TV shows and in films back in the day.

There is the argument of our lives being taken over by our technology so much that we stop noticing our loved ones over it. And guys, how the hell is your child going to notice you ever again if you give them the latest iPad for their birthday?! Another argument is – yes, it is always present but it does save time in the long run. It does save time – but at what cost? It does save time in business and commerce but how does it save us time with the loved ones since all we do is keep our eyes peeled to the screen?

You cannot connect with your children in the same way anymore, and what’s even worse – for those who don’t have children – we cannot connect with each other. I am tired of seeing people typing away on their phones at night clubs, I am tired of seeing people pose for the perfect selfie before continuing their argument on the street. I am just tired we don’t do anything about it to change it, we just keep saying it’s wrong and keep doing it more.

The financial aspect is also important. Back in the day – I feel so old saying that – we used primarily cash for our purchases. With actual physical money, you actually see what you are spending. Do you know what we have now? GUIDES. Guides on how to save money – which 90% includes the tip of only ever spending cash and not paying by card - because then you get a sense of what you are spending. This isn't news or a revolutionary advice... But it is! Not to us, but for the younger ones.

Despite the guides, we get sucked into shopping online for literally anything and everything and spending the digital numbers without thinking it through. In result, a lot of us end up in debt or at least owing money to a friend or company – because we didn’t realise how much we spent while on ASOS and Tesco’s food delivery websites! That brings us back to the previous point: how it affects us psychologically. Debt also can lead to depression and anxiety and can be very dangerous for our well-being.

You can argue that it is down to a viewpoint, to upbringing, to personal beliefs. However, technology is ruining us indirectly, it is a slippery slope of paying less and less attention to whats important, it takes over our lives and minds.

It doesn't give us a break to enjoy the joyful moments of life and instead we count followers and likes in search for happiness. That is no way to live.

But am I changing it? Am I doing anything different?

The worst part of this rant is the realisation that you cannot change it much. We are enslaved by our technology for all the right and wrong reasons but breaking out of it can also be just as, if not more damaging to your business or your personal life.

What are your coping mechanisms? How do you manage your workload? Do you use technology for everything or strictly business? Can you see it affecting your life or not at all? Would you lose friends and connections if you've gone tech-free?

Share your thoughts, I would love to hear your voice on this.

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