5 Statements You Should Tell Yourself Everyday.

1. If you don’t fail, you don’t succeed.

It is true. Every ‘failure’ is actually a lesson and you really should remember that. As a business owner or freelancer, you will try many things to succeed and – well, it’s just the way it is – some of them will not work. Some of them will set you back 5 steps, but some of them may set you forward by 10. The most important is to at least try because if you don’t try, you will never know what you could’ve achieved. Worse than that, you may forever regret you didn’t bother.

2. CHANGE means something GOOD is coming.

Humans are naturally scared of change. Uncertainty is something we immediately react to negatively. Is it all that bad though? By ‘change’ I mean, end of a relationship or start of a new one, picking up a new job or a hobby, moving house, a sudden illness or death of a relative. As a business owner or a freelancer, those situations can throw you off track, can make things more confusing or even demotivate you all-together (especially those emotionally-heavy changes). No matter what the situation though, try to look beyond it. Try to not live in fear of the changes happening, but embrace them and make them benefit you. There’s been plenty of times where even at the worst of times, I would sit down and make myself list all the good things that have come from it. Even if there is just one. Don’t be scared of change. It is how we learn and develop. It will make you better.

3. Things Have to Get Worse before They Get Better

Possibly one of my favourite quotes/ mottos. Think about it. You would not appreciate all the good that is coming your way if you do not experience a good kick-up-the-arse first. Not only is it motivating but also 100% more rewarding if you know that where you got to was challenging and took a lot of work. Think about past times, where you’ve achieved something within your career. Now think about what you were feeling before that. Were you frustrated? Did you want to give up? Did everything stop becoming worse than worst? Now, look at you. Things got better, you’ve moved on and developed as a person. If anything, it should only be motivation to keep going.


Yes, any success, any career path should be yours and it is totally up to you what you do – disregarding people’s negative opinions or discouraging feedback. Prove them wrong. If you believe you have a good idea, a good product, a fantastic blog – keep doing it. You know best why and how it will work. As long as you have the vision and are determined, it will happen. I promise you that. However, you need to learn from the feedback – even the negative one. But prove them wrong. If people are pointing fingers at your progress – no matter how fast or small – show them a finger yourself and prove them wrong. They are laughing now, they will envy you later. You’ll see.

5. It’s Okay to Pause

Don’t over-do it. Nobody works to their best ability when they are tired, their creative juices are running low and they feel rundown. You will not produce the best results in the wrong frame of mind – especially if you are a freelancer or business owner in the creative industry. As thriving and exciting as it is, it can be quite daunting and exhausting to keep up with it all. Have a break. This one I’ve learned recently, myself. I used to go non-stop. Go to work, come back, do more work, go to sleep – continue that for a whole week and all through the weekend. I would do nothing else but working and blogging, posting. Before I realised – that is not the life I want. Yes, I need to put in the hours but I eventually was so exhausted, I didn’t want to get out of bed, I didn’t want to continue. To avoid that, make sure you give yourself a holiday once in a while. That doesn’t mean splash all your money on a 5* resort but even just a day without your digital media, without your work equipment or out of the office. It will let you breathe and develop new ideas, refresh the mind and you will thank me later.

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