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As the #MentalHealthAwareness week comes to an end, it doesn’t mean that we should stop raising awareness. We should continue to talk about mental health but most of all, talk to each other.

In our time of social media driven worlds, where we are absorbed by our phones, how about you use it for a bit of good? And this goes not only for mental health talk but also other topics.

Just pick one.

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness week I spent a considerable amount of time on my Instagram, scrolling through pages and pages of photos under #mentalhealthmatters. Some of them were from brands which I quickly scrolled past but most of them? Most of them were from people sharing their stories.

I’ve read some of the most beautiful stories on random people’s accounts. Some of these people were from America, some of them from the UK. I wasn’t just there to look and read their stories. My aim was to leave an encouraging, appreciating comment where appropriate, so that these people know that their voices are being heard.

I know it doesn’t sound like a ground-breaking idea and it isn’t. It’s very simple. Quite frankly, you are probably thinking I’ve wasted my time and this whole blog post is rubbish. That’s okay. I started thinking that as well. I was thinking ‘to be fair, I know none of these people, they probably think I’m spamming, who takes these things seriously...'

Then the replies came through.

Genuine replies from the people whom to I said ‘Keep Going’ , ‘You’re doing great, stay strong’ – all of them got back to me and connected with me. They thanked me and were genuinely grateful that I took the time to read their post, their blog and wanted to let them know they are doing fine.

That’s what they needed. Sometimes, you do need a little bit of external approval, a bit of encouragement from somewhere where you don’t expect it. Sometimes that’s all you need. I know it from my experience. Whenever I post something and it relates to someone, I get a lovely message saying how they are inspired by my will to keep going, and really it does make all the difference. It motivates me. It confirms my belief that the more we talk about, the less stigma there will be.

We should make social media THE place to talk about each other’s experiences, our battles. More people are experiencing what you are right now than you even realise. You will only know that if you read their stories, get to know them. There are so many beautiful people out there, go meet them. Let’s connect with each other and make this world a better place.

It would make most of these people feel less alone. Let’s be honest, social media is isolating, it is a world within its own and it is very hard these days to make connections outside of it. For some people more than others. There’s no point moaning about it and getting frustrated with how the world works. It is our actions, collectively, that will change it.

Do something nice today for someone. If not on social media, then in person. Be the best version of yourself because you only get one chance.

#mentalhealth #illness #awareness

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