Turn Your Passion into Business in 5 Easy Steps

I've done it, millions of people are doing it and you can too. Go solo, detach from the corporate empty promises of better life and create your own. How? Well, it takes these 5 steps, a bit of courage!

1. Specify what you're good at.

Mag Lepkowska

For me,it was easy. The media industry was right for me. It's challenging, I'm good at producing digital media and promoting it. You may not know what it is you want to do. But just think about what you are REALLY good at. Something only a few can do, a fresh take on something. Don't think necessarily "new, original" as you will drive yourself insane. Think "better, improved, recycled". A skill, a service you can provide? That's it.

2. Get to know your audience.

Hatfair 2016

It's one of the most important things. Mag's Media was created for aspiring artists, for those needing content to promote themselves. I spent a lot of time with those people, with aspiring artists. Talking to them, going to gigs and performances. You NEED to get know your audience. You need to see if the audience for what you want to do is even there...

3. Start doing something.


You will most probably not make millions overnight and definitely not get many customers or audience to sell your product to if you don't have the product. Before I even made Mag's Media more than a concept, I already had content to present as portfolio. Any other business will need the same amount of input. Even if you have nobody who can see it or nowhere to show it. Do it, make it, create it and keep it for when it's all ready.

4. Get out there.

Social Media Icons

Absolutely do not wait another second and just do it. Today is the perfect day to start your own company and start creating your own future. Today. No matter what day you are reading this on. Today is the perfect day. Today is also the easiest it's ever been to start up a business. So get online,create a website, create your social media presence and get to it!

5. Don't over-share.

None of your busines

This is to save yourself the trouble, and others the embarrassment. Until you make your billions, nobody wants to or should hear about your money and how your business is going. Especially, people who don't need to hear it, are people who ask about it. As far as everyone is concerned, you're doing well. Your business is doing well. Let them find you on the Rich List in a few years, don't spoil the surprise! ;)

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