Forever a bus wa**er

Ever since I had to travel alone from A to B and then later, and still now, whenever I have a business trip, a photoshoot or a conference to get to, I always take public transport wherever possible. Or walk it. Long or short distances of walking don't bother me, even with a heavy load of equipment on my back because my degree, a Media Production degree, was a survival training programme and I passed it. Benefits of not having a car? Here they are 1. I can explore more. Yes I understand that you can get in a car and drive -in theory - anywhere you like but I can just as easily hop on a bus or a train, or a bloody airplane and do the same. What you are missing in the car is the chance of getting lost in your journey, of finding random places in spaces where cars simply cannot get to. If I am going to another town, and see something interesting on the way there, I just hop off the bus, take a nice stroll and explore. Get back on my bus and go wherever I want. Yes, I know your argument is you can do that in the car. Yet, in practice it becomes a lot more complicated to do if travelling by car. 2. I pay less. No matter in what way you look at it, a bus travel every week will still cost me a lot less than owning a car will. I'm talking initial cost. I'm talking actually taking care of the car, its insurance and repairs, fuel and oil etc. I am saving myself a ton of money by walking the 5 mins from bus stop to the office than driving down to it. 3. Less Stress. As a person with severe anxiety, reducing stress factors in my life has now become a priority. I work a full time job, have a business to run and my own freelance work to manage - I am a stressed out individual 99% off the time juggling all these things. To the point where I forget to buy myself milk for my morning coffee or food for dinner because I have other things occupying my mind. Adding car maintenance to that mix wouldn't go down well with me and my safety, or my car. 4. Less Responsibility. I mean, if I'm late to work by half hour, it is usually because of a bus running late. I am not stressed that I'm late anymore because there is nothing I can do about that. Bus is late, therefore I am late. Since it's not my fault, I don't feel responsible as much, and therefore I cut down my stress levels too. I know I am the kind of person to have extreme road rage -probably would get physical -as I just cannot stand morons. And from what I hear from my driver-friends, there's a lot of those on the road. 5. I just don't need it. Everywhere I ever tend to go or need to go, I am able to get there by public transport. It's not the old days, where there was one bus per city. Public transport -despite it's bad rep -is actually really good around where I live and even beyond. I love sitting on the train, doing some work and looking out the window onto pretty fields on the way to London. 6. More Productive. If you read my blog post the other week, you would've learned I work A LOT and there are just not enough hours in the day. I am typing this as I am sitting on the bus. Which explains this point. I can do more when I'm not driving. I don't need to focus on the road, on what's around me or where I am going. My bus driver does that. I just sit back, relax and do whatever I wish in the 40 mins it takes me to get home. Usually I will write up half a blog, or some ideas. For the long train journeys, I like to take a book -people still read those! - and/or my laptop and get some editing done or research. Nobody bothers you, it's just you, your work and pretty views around. How can you hate it? 7. Think about pollution. Myself and other bus wa***ers are essentially saving the planet. Do you think we need more cars around? Do you really think I want to contribute to the s**t already in the air we breathe in? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a mad environmentalist and my eco-living has a lot of room for improvement but if this is another advantage of not having a car, it's landing in this post. • • • • 

There will be a day where I will want a driver's license, where I will need a car and form of my own transport. Don't worry, friends and family -and the rest of the world it seems - I will be a functioning member of society WITH a car soon, but not now. If there is no need for it, why bother? I am not the one complaining about my work commute each day...  

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