Can't blame Pepsi for Trying

There's a major shift in the industry, it feels like. Right, left and centre companies are reaching out to their audiences in most direct and desperate ways. Adverts are talking either directly at people or obviously illustrating something that is commonly recognised as "relatable". Here's the problem. I don't think people want "relatable" anymore from companies, from ads. It used to be about moving away from the furry animals and actually creating campaigns that mattered to people on a personal level. Then the people (by this I mean the individual audiences of each of these big brands) took things in their own hands and started creating content themselves, broadcasting their lives and their careers and essentially, creating the relatable but this time authentic content.

This happened thanks to social media, growth of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter where people finally got their voice. In this moment, corporate news, adverts, celebrity recommendations and endorsements stopped working as well. We don't need a representation of creative content anymore because we have the authentic version of that at our finger tips whenever we want, wherever we want.

The Pepsi advert was an outrage. What do you expect? Give people a voice, they will bloody use it! I found the whole thing quite funny. I mean, I don't want to get too political here but people who would care about the protestors and the protest representation would be the protestors themselves. People who don't agree with something therefore they protest against it. Mostly it is to do with the kind of political system we live, if not directly to do with it. Of course these people are going to throw s*** at your campaign if you tell them they are worth a can of Pepsi. How rude.

You can't blame Pepsi for trying though. This sudden shift of companies getting to audiences on a personal level is seen as begging for popularity and relevance in a negative way. It's seen as being that bit extra disingenuous than everyone else. This is because big corporations are expected to be out of touch with reality and the "common people" problems because they are run by the rich 1%. Any attempt in "getting down with the kids" equivalent of "we want you to see us as equal" will never work.

The audience response is "stop throwing money at the Kardashians and DO SOMETHING". In our society, now is the time where people are fearing for tomorrow, and what is going to happen next and want someone to do something. Especially in a political sense. However, Pepsi's approach - all its done - is confirm that companies and businesses should always stay out of politics. Definitely in our very opinionated, Twitter addicted society. We know too much now to believe the fiction they want us to believe.

I'm going to say it again. Can't blame Pepsi for trying. Although we ended up a complete opposite reaction of what the brand wanted and it could've been saved by better execution. Imagine how different people's reaction would be if they used unknown TV actors rather than an international superstar that is known for the "nothing" she achieved and poncing with her ass out.


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