Full time job & starting up a business...

Starting up a business from scratch and without any funding is a ridiculous idea but it's also a challenge I willingly chose. I wanted to prove to myself that it is possible and I can do it. So far, I'm achieving that. And as ridiculous ideas tend to be, it also creates extra work on top of all the existing tasks that come with starting up and running a business. 

First of all, you never have any money because all your earnings go towards your business, on investment in equipment, space, travel, time... So we have a problem. At the start bookings come in slowly, sometimes at all and you somehow still need to keep yourself alive, fed and under a roof. 

In order to do all of the above, you are forced to get a job. Could be a part time job but I like a challenge, so I thought full time job would be more appropriate. Who needs the extra time anyway? AMIRIGHT. 

I finally found a daytime job that I enjoy, it's angled towards what I already do (marketing) and it's nice to contribute to another company's online growth and marketing direction. However, it is also a very demanding job, that needs a lot of attention, out-of-office hours and a lot of creative thinking. It's draining and at the end of the day, all I am thinking about is how I want to lay in bed and watch crap Netflix shows. 

Clock ticks over to 5pm and I am leaving the job for the day, office is shut and I am free... Only to come home and continue my second life. Because it is like a whole different life, different world. I step into my flat (which also a studio & office, and everything in between) and at that moment, I am Mag's Media owner, having a whole new list "To-Do" and an empty "Done" list, and so...Little...Time... I start editing, updating social media, answering to emails and messages and I am done in the late evening hours. 

Weekends? I don't understand a concept of a free weekend because all the things I dont get done in the evenings, I need to get done over the weekend. So I never really have time off. I don't really want time off. My business won't grow if I get time off. 

Don't get me wrong. I don't over work myself. When I cannot think anymore and my mind doesn't want to focus, I take a break, I listen to my body and what it tells me. You cannot over do it. You will burn out, and that's just not what you want. 

I could try for investors, for funding but I don't really want to for ownership reasons. I don't want any part of percentage of Mag's Media to be owned by someone else. I must admit, I am doing well though. I worried I may not be able to continue, that I should ditch the idea, that it will never get off the ground. As a fellow start up or freelancer, you must never doubt yourself. You will fear the future and have probably same worries as me, but never doubt yourself. I never doubted my ability to start a business or to run one successfully. I learned a lot on the way, and far more than I ever did in any office day job. 

You probably think this is ridiculous and not worth it. That's okay. I would never want it any other way, though. When I step out of the office and get on with my photo edits or some footage cutting, I feel like I can breathe again. 

Find something you are passionate about and invest yourself in it. It's absolutely worth it. Create a life that you want, but appreciate also what you've already got. And for God's sake find a balance... 

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