Make a "Done " List , not "To Do" List

5 reasons why you need start making “Done “ Lists instead of “To -Do lists”

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1. More Organised

I realised I found more clarity within my day by doing ‘Done’ lists. It wasn’t so overwhelming anymore to know what was on my ‘To Do’ list because my ‘Done’ list was growing and the progress was noted.

2. Visual Representation of Productivity Level

With your ‘DONE’ list, you are able to see exactly what you have done and by comparing it to your ‘to do’ list you can see if you made progress on the listed points or have done them all together. Remember, by the end of your day, your ‘Done’ list should be longer than ‘to do list’ that’s how you will know you had a productive day. If by 12 o’clock you’ve done 2 out of the 15, and you know you can do more – tick them off! Tick. Them. Off! Write down progress if not completed. You’ll feel better.

3. An excuse for an extra break.

As a freelance professional or running your own business – as an individual – you may forget to give yourself enough breaks. It is very easy to just keep going, non-stop throughout the day. It is because every minute spent on NOT doing something business or work-related feels like wasted time – you only have yourself to rely on so you cannot take more breaks than absolutely necessary. The truth is though, that yes, you can. Take a 20 minute break half-way through your day, get outside or treat yourself to a nice coffee and make your ‘done’ list. Take a deep breath, evaluate. Go forward. You need a clear mind to keep the creativity flowing.

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4. More productive.

Looking at that long ‘To- Do’ list can be quite demotivating and burdening. You feel like you do not have enough time in the day and a lot of it will take a lot of time and effort. A lot of people suggest do one thing and finish it, then start another. I myself prefer multi-tasking. That’s not just doing a lot of things at once, but actually doing them well. I handle a few email conversations at once, along with consistent social media updates across all four channels, and other bits like content production or editing. Once I know I’ve accomplished a few of the ‘to-do’ points, I feel more motivated to complete the list or at least continue to tick them off. Effectively, I am more productive throughout my day.

5. Avoid “over-doing” it.

It is good to see black on white what you have already done, not only for your own satisfaction and keeping yourself sane but also for the sake of others. In the past, there has been one too many times where I’ve sent two similar emails or even the same emails to the same person, talking about an issue that since has been resolved. Simply because I forgot I have already done it and because I would be panicking over the work-load I’d start to make mistakes where there is no time or place for them. Saves a lot of embarrassment, and helps with keeping things professional!


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