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I've been away from this website for a while, mainly because of how busy Mag's Media was and I've recently started working for another company as well, doing PR & Marketing so it's just got a little much!

I've decided to re-vamp the website a little a while ago to make it seem a little more like a portfolio than just a site I chucked all my work on.

I will also make more commitment and effort with this blog section. I realise I've neglected blogging for a very long time where in fact, I actually have quite a lot to say. And I don't mean strictly promotional content, which this blog has been so far.

Coming up.

[//] 5 Reasons Why Starting Your Business is The Best Thing You Can Do.

[//] My Awful Diet and Why I Never Eat

[//] Photography Essentials: Camera, lens, lights...what else?

[//] Social Media Marketing: The Basic Understanding - Introduction.

These are just the first blog posts that I've managed to work on at the moment before I get too busy to write anything again!

Sometimes it really does feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

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