This is a song I very much fell in love with when I heard it and I just wanted to create a visuals video for it to represent its mood and the mood its put me in when I listened to it.

Total production time: 5 hours.

I produced, filmed, directed and edited this as well as being the model in the video. It was a spontaneous shoot in my studio one afternoon. No plan, just actions. I do love when I get these ideas, my whole creativity can just pour out and I can create whatever comes to mind. This is why I love my job. This is when I feel most alive. Most happy.

The light leaks are borrowed and they work fantastically with the footage, and the mood of the song. It really added to the raw footage, I must admit. Literal fire.

I managed to create a storyline open to everyone to interpret with just imagery and suggestions, which is the exact work I love creating most. This has been sent off to a few festivals, you gotta try.

TOP TIP: when you have an idea, write it down. Stop whatever you're doing and write it down because sometimes those will be your only and best ideas.

The editing took the longest. Because it was just me and the camera the shots didn't take long as I knew exactly what I wanted to see and how I wanted to do it. Haha. I sound very controlling, I know. #sorrynotsorry

It was so much fun creating this. The edit went smoothly, quite quickly. I was so happy with it. I still am. It's the best 5 hours I've spent in a while. All alone with a camera and editing suite.

Once you find your passion, you'll find your purpose.

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