Nanna in Gdynia!

The day I was meeting my Nanna turned out to be quiet a chaotic day. We went to Sopot, on the pier:

And we went to Gdansk:

Everything was going smoothly. But my Nanna wasn't answering her landline. So I was a little worried as she's the kind of person to sit in all day and wait for guests rather than go anywhere, plus it was really cold and I knew she was unwell. So anyway, we get back to Gdynia, and we need to get on the bus to get to my nan's. I had no idea which bus.

I said to Hannah to wait at the bus stop and I'll ask the driver of the next bus. I walked into the bus, I asked the driver a question. He looked at me as if I wasn't there, turned around, shut the door and started driving off! With me onboard without a ticket and my best friend stranded in a foreign city with a knowledge of 10 Polish words, without an idea where she is as we had to walk to another part of the city.

I tried calling her. No answer. I assumed she would go to the hotel. I called my nan, still no answer. The driver doesn't want to let me out. I could get fined, I could get God knows where with no idea how to get back! It's been a while since I've been there and used public transport on my own!

I ran out of the bus and sprinted it back the way I came from, towards where I left Hannah. Meanwhile, I was trying to call both my Nan off of the Polish mobile and my best friend on my British phone at the same time, in both hands, at once. I found the whole situation hysterically funny and I do even now while writing this out. It's just one of those ridiculous panic moments where everything got out of control and I actually nearly lost my best friend abroad because of shitty drivers and no-contact ill Nanna! Hannah was walking towards me. I was never so happy to see a human. We're okay, she wasn't mad.

Turns out my nan was in hospital because she fell over on a bus. Buses are not our best friends in this family, clearly. So she got out, she is fine now. A little bruised, but she's okay. She's known for her falls and trip ups. She's amazing. She sends her love.

If you want to hear one of her stories that I so dearly love to listen to click the video below:

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