Let's Go! #poland

Off I go back to Gdynia, to my hometown. Birthday weekend trip, because I miss my grandparents and I need to show my nan the film she was in! The interview.

Oh don't know what I'm talking about? Watch it below:

(text continues below the video)

Quite an emotional piece, I have to admit.. I just wanted her to tell me about the most important event or day in her life. This was her answer. She's the cutest little 89 year old lady! I love her so much, we're so alike, you wouldn't believe. Both crazy ;) In the best way possible. She's a top girl.

Leaving rainy London in the morning to be in Gdansk just in time for lunch. Taking my best Hannah Sinclair, with me. It was her birthday recently too! I guess Poland will never beat a trip to New York but I hope you have fun.

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