Producer? What does that mean?

Producer. Aka Control Freak.

As a human being I am the most messy, disorganised, untimely person. Seriously. My friends wait around for hours until I eventually make an appearance. "Fashionably late" is not a thing. I'm just that person that's always late. I am also a person with the messiest house you'll ever seen. It's clean, that's not the problem. There's just STUFF. EVERYWHERE. No matter how much I try, there's just never any progress at keeping it tidy and organised. I am UNABLE to do that. Literally. Lack of skill and talent.

Speaking of talent.

When it comes to a film idea... Oh boy. Am I on point? Yes. Am I late? No. Am I two hours early telling everyone where to stand and what to do? Yes. I am that person.

I don't know why but I just love seeing a film idea come to life, and being behind all of it, seeing it as it unravels right in front of my eyes through a decision I made, through all the careful picking and choosing that happens at the end. You wouldn't believe how much depends on the choice of location, actors, scenery and props. It truly is one of my favourite parts. It is also most stressful.

What do I produce, exactly? I can almost hear you thinking this.

short films, charity / community projects & documentaries, music videos.

Am I any good? How about you tell me?

Community Projects/ Third Sector:


Music Video:

What do I exactly do when I produce?

Well, a producer is usually the person to sort out all the paperwork, schedule actors, rehearsals, shoot dates, locations, book staff etc. It sounds boring but it really is quite exciting, you get to come across and meet so many different people, make new connections, see a new world. You never know where you may end up while looking for the perfect house to shoot in. You never know who you may meet when looking for an actress for your film. I know, because my work often influences my life in the best of ways and that's also why I am so grateful to be able to do this and make this my career.

I've worked on a dozen of projects as a producer however the ones you've just watched above are pieces I have 100% created from beginning to end. That's my favourite kind of producing. Where I get to take part in all the bits. Control everything. Haha. I guess they always say make your weakness into your strength. That's also because if anything goes wrong, I only have myself to blame, therefore I make sure nothing goes wrong. Nothing major anyway. However, I'm not all -control and this doesn't mean my ideas and decisions are always wrong. I am a perfectionist but I am not perfect. I love learning from other people, hearing their ideas and their feedback, letting people have an input -no matter how small - into the piece I am making. It's what makes the film unique, it's what makes the projects fun.

I just make sure that it's all released on time and we haven't got a tripod in the frame in the final cut.

If you'd like to collaborate, discuss a project please contact me! I'd love to discuss new ideas, collaborate or exchange feedback. I believe its building and necessary to grow for each and every artist.

If you'd like to get involved in a project, as an actor/actress or a model, let me know! I have so many ideas and ready to meet new exciting people.

Message me via the contact page or simply follow my page on facebook: /maglepkowska

or INSTAGRAM: magslittleworld, you can EVEN email me at

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