Post- Production. The Other Lover.

Cutting, chopping, changing, masking, improving and fixing - film editor. We're the people who make you cry, make you laugh, make you nervous or jump. We're the cuts you don't notice, we're the colour accents you wouldn't even think about it. We are that extra mysterious light and the animated talking teddy you wish to have. Editors are really what makes the film. Or breaks the film, depending how you look at it. Haha.

I have to admit I never feel so confident and so comfortable than in front of a desk, with Adobe Premiere Pro, chopping and changing clips around on my screen, adding and taking away lines, music and scenes. Although, sound editing isn't my strongest as I've never been enough into it, visual editing is what drives my crazy. I've discovered this while still in college, encouraged by one of the most amazing teachers I had. Then pursued with University and had a good time doing it there, then. As a producer and videographer/photographer, editing is just another skill I believe you need to have. You will never fully understand the complexity of the job until you sit with an editor in one room and watch them work. Not that, as an average consumer, you absolutely need to. However, I would encourage anyone to do just that if you really want to understand films.

You'll see the happiness, the sadness, the breakdowns, munchies, late nights, cans upon cans of energy drinks and cups upon cups of coffee, and the emotional wreckage. I, for example, am taken out of life for a good 2 - 3 weeks if I am working for a personal project. I live and breathe it, I don't want to think or talk about anything else. It's a hard time for my friends.

Films I've edited are all in my portfolio on this website, if you wanted to have a look. Pretty much every project I've created and I have shared with you, is edited wholly by me. I am very proud of that. I am very proud and feel so grateful to be blessed with these little talents of mine, that enable me to lead such a fulfilled, however uncertain, career. #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo

Forever yours,

Painfully honest,


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