Photographer. I do that, too.

So what you see above is not even 1% of things I've photographed. It's been models, bands, musicians, actors, regular people, Nobel Laureates and body-painters. I've genuinely loved working with all of my past subjects. Every photographer has a few favourite pieces, they always come back to. I guess mine are the ones above. Each mark the beginning of something beautiful, of an amazing adventure that began with that photo.

The one of Jody Williams marks the start of my amazing relationship with Peacejam and third sector organisations. It's opened up so many doors, introduced me to so many fabulous people.

The one of the singer, was taken at Oxjam, the official beginning of my career in music photography.

The second to last, was a beginning of my relationship with photography all together, one of the first photoshoots I've ever done. I am still proud of this one, so much.

The last one marks the start of a special kind of relationship with the lady in the photo who's an amazing actor and director, body-painter and artist - Tessa Mai. My creative fuel.

What do I do as a photographer?

When I step aside from producing, I take up the camera and start taking photos. Different kind of ideas are born in my head and I want to capture them. The photographer in me is impulsive, doesn't really have a plan and likes to just take it as it comes. Shoots with me start off organised, until we exchange ideas, the subject gets comfortable and I let my imagination flow. Those are the best shoots. When you come up with new ideas as you go along. There's been plenty of times where the photoshoot came out better than the original idea was, on purpose or accidently.

I'm a freelance photographer, so you can hire me for your events. I currently cover special occasions, parties & nightclubs, portraits and family photos, performances & events. If you want your event documented, please get in touch!

I like to be the shadow round every corner, capturing my subjects when they are most relaxed, when they don't feel watched. It's the best kind of photos. During events, the photo of two people having a casual conversation can be a lot more captive than a photo of a staged speech or performance. It's the genuine human reactions that make the best kind of photo. It's the face when you are in deep thought, it's the slight sparkle in your eye and twitch in your mouth when you smile to your own thoughts. That's the best kind of photos.

That is exactly what I love about the job too, so I guess we've got that point covered.


Yes, I edit my own photos and I like to do it as well, I get very protective over the way I want my images to look and whenever I need to give up that part of the job because of contracted reasons, it genuinely makes me feel a slight fear for my photos, it's so important how the final photo looks because in the end of it all, you could end up with something totally different.

One of my favourite things about my job: the spontaneity of it all.


Canon 600D, standard lens kit, 50 mm, 70 - 300 mm,

+ accessories

Software for editing:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


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